Traffic Technology - C21R Radar

Aims to lay the foundation
for a greener city


The Ministry of Transport of Gibraltar has revealed a game-changing initiative that is set to revolutionise sustainable mobility in the region. 

The Active Travel Strategy sets out an ambitious plan to establish an extensive network of cycle lanes and footpaths stretching all the way from the border to Europa point, offering clean transportation options on Gibraltar’s congested roads. From Europort Avenue to Waterport Avenue, the strategy outlines proposals for cycle lanes and multi-use areas for the benefit of cyclists and pedestrians alike. 

We’re thrilled to have been a part of this innovative project, bringing together cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking ideas to promote a greener, cleaner future for all. With this plan in place, we’re confident that Gibraltar’s future is looking brighter than ever before.


An order was initially received, two weeks prior to the official opening of the 1st phase of the scheme, where the client requested for the installation of the C21R cycle and pedestrian counter, with the purpose of collecting data by Saturday, June 3rd in time for ‘World Cycling Day’. 

Our team was quick to respond to this request, all systems were put in place to ensure timely delivery of the project. Arriving on site on the 2nd of June the blue pathway was almost complete, and our engineers began installation.

The C21R Active Travel Sensor was selected for this project due to its environmentally sound features. Its operation is entirely powered by solar energy, making it exceptionally sustainable and energy-efficient. Moreover, its non-intrusive detection technology eliminates the need for in-road sensors that could potentially damage the newly laid surface. 

Hence, the C21R Active Travel Sensor is an apt choice for the project, as it not only aligns with our environmental goals but also provides effective detection without any disruption to the infrastructure.

Real Time Display


The Ministry of Transport expressed its desire to not only capture data but also promote the scheme's usage and increase awareness among nearby traffic of the available mode choices and the popularity of such a modal shift.

Utilising our solar powered wireless iSight display with branded custom graphics, ensuring that we deliver an effective advertising campaign while remaining environmentally friendly.

The iSight display showcases the benefits of the modal shift to commuters in a visually engaging and informative manner, contributing to the overall success of the initiative.

Installation time lapse

Our engineers successfully installed and commissioned the iSight Real Time Display and C21R Sensor system within a short span of 3 hours in preparation for the ‘World Cycle Day’.

This feat highlights the efficiency and reliability of our technology, making it the only viable option for this project.