C21R Active Travel Sensors

AI Radar Detection Environment Adapting Technology

C21R Active Travel

AI Radar Detection
Non Intrusive Technology
Non Vision GDPR Compliant
Accurate live view sensor setup
Environment Adapting Technology
High Accuracy Pedestrian & Cycle Counter

Non Intrusive Low Power

Multi Mode Detection

The urban mobility revolution is here. As an industry leader in detection technologies our business is meeting the monitoring demands of this growing drive for sustainable modes of transportation.

C21R boasts exceptional capabilities in detecting pedestrian and cycle movements with remarkable accuracy. It stands out in its ability to perform such tasks seamlessly and sustainably, without requiring additional light levels, inroad working or mains power infrastructure.

Smart Features.

0 Days
High Resolution
0 fps
Light Weight
0 Kg
Solar Power
213 Days
Vehicle Detection
No in Road
Active Transportation
Non Vision
Data Availibility

The C21R stands out in the market with its smart, lightweight, and sleek design. It is purposefully created with minimal wind loading and low visual impact, elevating its practicality for various settings.

The product is distinctively different from the usual bulky, unattractive black plastic cases in the market.

The emphasis is on simplicity in design, making it more visually pleasing. The team behind C21R knows what they’re doing and has put a great deal of effort and attention to detail in creating this product to meet the needs of the market.

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Ultimate Solution

C21R is designed to offer  features in a practical package, ensuring that it can be deployed, managed, and utilised with ease.

Back Ground Aware

Accurate Cycle & Pedestrian detection within a busy street scene.

Small Solar Panel

Operates continuously from a small low wattage solar panel.


Our Cloud hub works with industry leading platforms.

Low maintenance

Most cost effective active transport monitoring solution available.

Smart. Accurate. Connected.

AI Learning

Adaptive learning Command module learns and improves at street level to increase accuracy

Day & Night Detection

Non Vision Sensor giving continuous accuracy day & night.

IoT Connected Everywhere

Uses latest Internet of Things connectivity for reliable communications.

Case Studies

High Street Multi Detection
Wireless realtime information
Cost effective complex system
Coast to Coast in Scotland