Traffic Technology - C21R Radar

Improving sustainable modes
through network improvements


The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead’s Cycling Action Plan provides a detailed framework to enhance the built infrastructure, advancing transportation facilities, and promoting sustainable modes throughout their network.

Traffic Technology were asked to review the possible provision of a suitable monitoring & promotional solution for the Barry Avenue tunnel Entrance into Alexandra Park & Gardens.


The project objectives were focused on monitoring pedestrian and cycle activities within Alexandra Park & Gardens, with a specific emphasis on detecting and collecting data on movements through the three tunnel bores.

Previously installed in road monitoring technologies were found to be unreliable and limited in their detection possibilities only recording cycle movements.

In addition by their nature the large cabinets housing the equipment formed a barrier to sustainable modes of transportation.

This site posed a complex monitoring challenge, with three distinct monitoring zones and numerous obstacles, including foliage and large planted areas, creating a detection zone spanning over 25 meters. Accurately capturing this data required careful planning and attention to detail in order to deliver comprehensive data on pedestrian and cycle activity in the park, providing valuable insights for future planning and development efforts.

Design & Evaluation

The C21R system’s flexible design allowed our engineers to conduct a comprehensive assessment of its potential accuracy on site without the need for dedicated infrastructure. 

The low powered non-intrusive nature also allowed for a thorough evaluation of the systems wireless transmissions capabilities to be conducted prior to committing to installation.

The proposal put forward emphasises promotion and engagement as key requirements, with Traffic Technology’s Real-Time display iSight as a prime feature. 

Displaying Real Time information of cycles and pedestrians.

The low power display is custom designed to receive data from the C21R Active Travel Sensor, and is both elegant and efficient. Through this system, the cumulative total of cyclists and pedestrians captured by the sensors can be viewed in real-time.


The fully wireless non intrusive nature of the C21R Sensor and iSight display allowed for a rapid installation and commissioning of the complete system within half a day.

With 2 x C21R Sensors transmitting messages to the Real Time Display a complete screen line was created covering all active transport modes passing through the tunnel bores. 

Our sophisticated iSight real-time display is designed to receive and display live data wirelessly from C21R sensors. 

Our cutting-edge technology ensures that the data on display is always up-to-date, accurate and easily accessible to our clients. The system is user-friendly and allows for seamless monitoring of critical information at all times.

Please see below our engineers commissioning video showing activations and Real Time display.


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Similar display have been installed Worldwide including Rostock, Lyon, Hackney, Hastings (NZ) and Zurich.

In addition to transmitting real time cycle or pedestrian counts to the display data is captured and automatically transmitted to our TT-Datahub providing the authority with a secure login to access data for post processing with optional direct data access via API.

The following time tagged event data is detected.

•Cyclist by direction & speed and lane
•Pedestrians by direction & speed and lane