Rapid deployment for Active Travel Scheme Improvements


The St Owen Street cycle contraflow scheme is a vital component of Hereford city center’s ongoing renovations, which aim to increase the appeal of the area for residents, visitors, shoppers, staff, and local businesses.  The scheme objective is to encourage individuals to visit the city and ensure they have a positive experience while there. The St Owen Street cycle contraflow project will establish a safer bike path from the city’s east, endorse sustainable and active travel, and enhance the safety of pedestrians and drivers alike. 

A key requirement to understand the effectiveness of the scheme and continued evaluation is the need to monitor and collect data on both cycle and pedestrian usage in this traditionally complex high street location.

C21R_OS_after C21R_Detection

Images above – shows a new cycle contraflow scheme where the client wanted rapid deployment of sensors to capture before and after scheme implementation data. The solar powered C21R Sensor is located on the lamppost on the left.

Capturing pedestrian and cyclist data within a background of vehicular traffic the C21R automatically sends data to Drakewell C2 Cloud analytics for details analysis by the client.

C21R presents minimal visual impact with no in road sensors and is fully sustainable from solar power.

Vehicles on the road and within the parking areas are excluded by the C21R’s advanced zonal algorithms.


Deployed within the current scheme build works the C21R Sensors Zonal AI detection allows active discrimination of cycle and pedestrians on the footpath and contraflow cycle lane. 

Additionally highly accurate speed detection is possible with the C21R (+/-1kph) meaning evaluation of pedestrian safety can be made between these two active transport modes. 

StOwen StOwen1

The C21R Sensor is a IoT device that transmitted directly to the clients Drakewell C2 Cloud. Having worked with team at Drakewell on a number of projects we are please to be able to directly interface to their data suites.

Analytics from Drakewell